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Fence panels – the frame around your garden

2014-10-29 23:11:16


Fence panels

Your choice of fence panels might not seem important at first, but making the right choice could be the difference between a lovely and a gloomy garden. Fencing is like the frame around a picture, and can make a real difference. Imagine having a cheerful garden surrounded by imposing slate walls and you’ll see what we mean!

What’s the style of your garden?

Is privacy or openness more important to you? Do you want to have a very light appearance to your fence or something a bit more traditional? The style of your garden determines what kind of fence panels you’ll need. We’ve got a great range to choose from. Contact us to talk over your style, or take a look at the examples below.

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Panels made to last

Nobody wants to have to replace fence panels constantly. A good fence panel should last for years and years. After decades in the business, we know how to tell a good fence panel! We supply panels to tradesmen from across the area – and we wouldn’t be able to do that if the fence panels we supplied weren’t of the best quality.

Free Delivery

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